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The Downers Grove Sanitary District is responsible for providing sanitary sewer service for the Village of Downers Grove, the portion of the Village of Westmont west of Cass Avenue, and portions of Woodridge, Lisle, Lombard, Oak Brook, and Darien, Illinois. We are a separate unit of local government, independent of the municipalities where we provide sewer service. We are not part of the Village of Downers Grove.

The Downers Grove Sanitary District was organized in 1921 under the State of Illinois' Sanitary District Act of 1917. Today we provide sewer service to 20,000 customers, including wastewater generated by more than 60,000 people and a number of commercial, industrial and institutional customers. We operate and maintain a sewer system with over 250 miles of sewer main, and a Wastewater Treatment Center with a design average capacity of 11 million gallons per day.

We are determined to provide extraordinary service to our customers. We have developed comprehensive programs to assist our customers to maintain their building sanitary service at a high standard of excellence.

Our programs include:

Please take advantage of our website to gain easy access to our services and programs. We are excited about serving our customers, and expect our website to improve our level of service.



Bid Opening on November 20, 2014 at 10 a.m.


DGSD Announces Walnut Avenue Construction Project

Beginning the week of October 13 the District will start a rehabilitation project on a section of the sewer system on Walnut Avenue north of the BNSF tracks in Downers Grove. Preliminary cleaning and preparation will be done this week. Installation of the new liner into the sewer pipe is scheduled for the first week in November. The setup and work will be along the shoulder of the road and at least one lane of traffic will be open the entire time. The project is expected to be completed within 48 hours.

The work will repair 833 feet of a 30-inch diameter reinforced concrete sewer pipe that was originally installed in 1969. This pipe conveys approximately 1 million gallons per day of flow that primarily comes from the "Northwest" lift station. The surface of the pipe is deteriorating due to chemical damage caused by hydrogen sulfide. Because of this deterioration, the pipe now has a rough surface that interferes with the ability to move water and solids through the pipe and could eventually cause the pipe to fail.

The rehabilitation of this pipe will be done using a trenchless (non-digging) method that is called "Cured-in-Place Pipe." This method consists of the installation of a felt liner that is saturated with a resin that will harden to form a new pipe within the existing pipe. This liner will have a smooth surface and will remain unaffected by chemical attack from hydrogen sulfide.

In order to do this work the flow in this pipe will need to be re-routed through a bypass pumping system. Because this pipe carries about 1 million gallons of flow per day an 8-inch bypass pipe will be set up to carry the flow to another District manhole where it can be discharged and conveyed to the treatment plant.

For more information or questions, please contact the District office at (630) 969-0664.

Detailed map of the construction project.

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